August 1, 2017 vfpvc

Veterans For Peace is excited to be coming to Chicago for their 32nd Annual Convention, August 9-13th.
Located at the beautiful and historic Palmer House, veterans and allies will gather to discuss “Education Not Militarization”.

Registration begins on Wednesday, August 9th and ends on August 13th with a benefit concert by Jackson Browne.  The week will be filled with amazing workshops, discussions, community and music.



• Agent Orange/Unexploded Ordinance-What We Left Behind in Vietnam
• War Resistance and Social Justice WWI and Today 
• Challenges and Solutions to Veteran Homelessness 
• The United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty
• Strategic Planning for Peace and Justice: How Can VFP Make a Difference?
• Pathways to Peace: Abolishing the U.S. Torture Program
• VA Healthcare –
• KNOW War NO war -The Point of View from Japanese Veteran
• Fundraising
• Missing Class: Veterans as First Generation College Students
• Dialogue for Peace: An Introduction of Peace Modalities through Film
• Whose Story? Using a Major Media Event to Encourage Critical Thinking and Introduce Different Perspectives on War and Peace
• Compassion It
• GI Rights and Resistance in the era of Trump
• Warrior Writer Writing Workshop
• Ways to Talk About Peace and the Socrates Cafe
• The Vet, Their Family and the Truth about Joining the Military
• Veterans for “The Climate Mobilization”
• IVAW-Iraq Veterans Against the War
• Understanding Our Human Needs and Healing War Trauma, Racial Trauma, and Childhood Trauma
• VFP Palestine/Israel Delegation
• For The Larger Purpose Of World Peace
• Standing Rock – The Struggle for Self Determination and the Protection of Life.
• Education Not Militarization: The Nuts and Bolts of Pursuing Policy Changes to Counter Recruitment and Demilitarize Schools
• Korean War: The Past and Future
• Education Not Militarization: Educating Students and Countering Military Recruitment Inside the Schools
• Having Served in U.S. Military, Immigrants Fight Deportation Orders
• Overview of Reflections of Vietnam Educational Program
• National Office
• End War Now–Ask Me How!



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