April 22, 2014 vfpvc

They are at a crucial turning point in our campaign to support WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Chelsea’s future hangs in the balance, and your support can make a huge difference!

Last week, Chelesa’s trial attorney, David Coombs, released a statement with an insider’s view of the injustices of the court martial proceedings and the excessive 35-year sentence. He warned:
I have fought to ensure that she received a fair trial and a just result. Unfortunately, I do not believe that she received either… The government-wide crackdown on whistleblowers and the extension of this crackdown to journalists threatens to stifle the very freedoms that we [the United States] have fought so hard to ensure.
Read More: http://www.chelseamanning.org/featured/david-coombs-update-on-pfc-chelsea-manning


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