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February 20th is the deadline for “Signatures in Lieu” of filing fee to get Cindy Sheehan on the ballot for Governor here in California. 

The campaign has been working since January 1st to collect the signatures, and we really do not have a clear idea of how many have been collected, but we believe it is far short of the 10k needed.

That means that we will have to pay 35 cents per signature NOT collected, and we also do not have the money on hand in our campaign chest to do that.

Please make a DONATION, or PLEDGE todayhttp://cindyforcalgov2014.nationbuilder.com/donate

In these days of crumbling empire, crumbling economy, and crumbling infrastructure, a NEW DAY and NEW WAY for California are needed.


Jerry Brown says: “California is Back” We say: “For the 1%. We want it back for all.”

Jerry Brown supports fracking and other forms of oil extraction.

We support expanded, accessible, clean public transportation and using the subsidies and tax breaks given to Big Oil to invest in clean and renewable forms of energy.

Jerry Brown supports nuclear power, we say, “Decommission all nuclear power plants.”

Jerry Brown is in the pockets of the Prison Industrial Complex, we say, “Free all non-violent offenders and invest that money in our children and education.”

Jerry Brown wants to run unreasonable surpluses, we say, “give that money back to the people by restoring needed public and social services.”

Jerry Brown is unconstitutionally going forward with the “Tunnel Project,” we say: STOP! The people of California have already said, “No.”

There are many ways that we oppose the government of the 1% and feel that we need to wrest OUR STATE out of their hands by this people’s movement.



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