Bud DeRaps has been a powerful advocate for peace within the ranks of Veterans For Peace for many years. It was Bud who made the VFP national office welcome in St. Louis, by arranging for space in the basement of the World Community Center which he, with a little help from this writer, cleaned out, cleaned up and painted in time for the move from Washington DC on September 11, 2001.

Like many of us, Bud has found an issue that resonates deeply within him; the matter of Depleted Uranium exposure. Bud put this youtube video together back in 2007. For some reason, it was never disseminated to the VFP membership. Now 88 years old, Bud is still passionate about this issue. I hadn’t seen Bud for a while and it was good to see him still active at a meeting of local Progressives here in St. Louis. He asked me If I would view the video and, if I agreed with him that it was important,  try to get it out to the VFP membership.


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