April 22, 2014 vfpvc

The starkness of the times

causing even old warriors

to fall

the suffering can bear a load

even on the strongest


For many moons our people

have struggled to survive

been through hell

and back

but we are here




Many of us have fallen

victim to the hype, the pretense,

the flim-flam man,

and the desire to just

be one of the crowd


That’s OK


It’s just time to move on

to get serious about dealing

with our present here

and now


Let the spiritual connection

to our relatives,

that is real,

the two-leggeds.

the four-leggeds, the things

that fly, the things that swim,

the water, the air, the earth


All our relatives


We must fight, crawl, dribble,

snort, swear, and swim

in order to protect

the future generations

who cry out to us

in our sleep.

Here we are now…..


© Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


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