March 20, 2012 vfpvc

Former Female Marine Recruiting Assistant offers her first hand, and extrememly valuable perspective. Why haven’t we heard about these problems before? School Administrators, teachers, and parents of High School age children don’t miss seeing this!!!

U.S. Marine Corp. Videographer, Deborah Slagboam, shares her experience serving as a videographer creating military propaganda targeting teachers and parents with the end goal of convincing them that the Marine Corp was a viable and safe career option for some students and children.

Deborah then goes on to explain why she feels students are NOT safe when subjected to campus recruitment. She discusses her own military sexual trauma and the suicide of her best friend who hung himself two hour AFTER his command dismissed his complaints of being suicidal.

Military Recruiters on High School Campuses – Are Students Safe? from on Vimeo.

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