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Don’t want your name, address and telephone number to go to military recruiters for the purpose of enlisting you into the military?

Read the following paragraph and be INFORMED.

The aim of most high schools is to require informed parental consent before student information is provided to any outside agency. Federal public law 107-110, section 9528 of the ESEA, ” No Child Left Behind Act” requires high school districts to release student names, addresses, and phone numbers to military recruiters upon their request. The same law also requires the high school district to notify the parent of the right to Opt Out from this by requesting that the district not release student information to military recruiters. In most cases, you can look for Opt Out forms in the annual parent/student handbook or registration packets. The Opt Out form in one area of the local county is entitled “Parental Consent/Objection Form”. Opt Out forms are normally turned in early during a new school year in order to ensure that student information not be released. It is usually best to have the form turned in during the fall registration period. However, opt out forms can be turned in at any time.

A generic opt out form can be downloaded here.





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