April 10, 2019 vfpvc

Sixteen years ago, the first four Operation Gratitude Care Packages were sent to a unit of Soldiers in Kuwait.  Throughout the ensuing years, there have been countless acts of generosity and creativity from caring supporters who, like you and me, wanted to say “Thank You” to our men and women in uniform. One such effort, spearheaded by two ten-year-old girls, not
only touched my heart, but inspired one of our most successful, yet simple programs that everyone, including YOU, can still participate in today:  

Cents for Service
Using decorated shoeboxes, fifth graders, Mercera and Madeline, organized a coin collection drive at their school and raised nearly $2000 in just 10 days! That was enough money to send 123 Care Packages to deployed troops far from home.  

What a way to “Make Every Penny Count.”

Mercera and Madeline showed us that every American can make a significant impact by simply collecting coins at their
home, work, school, scout meeting, or place of worship. And you can too! Get started today:  Decorate a jar, throw
in your own loose change, and then encourage everyone you know to join in.
For more ideas on starting your own Cents for Service campaign, click here.

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