January 28, 2016 vfpvc

My name is Tim McHugh and I’ve written an anti-war song, Not In My Name Anymore, choreographed/produced as a hard-hitting video.
This song is dedicated to all who suffer needlessly at the hands of
policy-makers from soldiers to civilians to children. This song is particularly
relevant to what’s taking place now in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and
Israel–countries strafed by war. As a father myself, I feel compelled to
speak out.

I am reaching out to all anti-war groups, especially anti-war veterans’
groups like Veterans for Peace, and if you’ve received this more than
once, my apologies!  I ran this video by some veterans to get some
feedback, and the response has been very positive though they found the
video to be deeply haunting.

“Tim McHugh has the audacity to believe that his music can change the
world. He may be right.”
— Bob Terrill, Program Director, KCSU Radio, Ft. Collins CO

If you are moved by this piece, please post far and wide on Facebook and
other social media sites to help spread the word.

In Peace,

Tim McHugh

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