July 2, 2020 vfpvc

Here’s an amazingly good online talk by Erik Endstrom to a meeting of the
Massachusetts Peace Council. Endstrom is a graduate of Stoughton High
School (MA), West Point, and combat in Afgahnistan. He’s the author of a
new book, “Un-American: A Soldier’s Reckoning of Our Longest War “.

Endstrom enlisted after 9/11, and has a lot of insights in his book into
military recruiting in high schools.
After leaving the military he got an MBA from Oxford University and worked
for the Boston Consulting Group in the US and abroad.  He brings that
analytic skill to his assessement of recruitng, war, PTSD, etc. 

Draft Registration and Draft Resistance:
Compulsory National Service:
Health Care Workers and the Draft:
Edward Hasbrouck

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