August 18, 2017 vfpvc

The Veterans For Peace Golden Rule peace boat has set sail again!

We were able to complete repairs to her rudder and resume our 2017 voyage to Ban Nuclear Weapons.  Chuck DeWitt and Don Mathes worked nonstop to construct a new rudder and get the Golden Rule back on her journey. We are now on our way to Santa Cruz for our next educational events.

The cost of manufacturing and installing the new rudder was approximately $3,000. With your help, we will continue to take the best care possible of this historic wooden vessel. Given the current political climate and heightened threat of nuclear war, the Golden Rule’s mission is more important than ever before. Please Help Us Complete Our Voyage!

Please consider donating so the Golden Rule will be able to continue sailing for a world free of nuclear weapons. You are the wind in her sails.

Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project

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