May 24, 2021 vfpvc

The latest project from Warrior Songs is their new CD, The Last Thing We Ever Do. . Their aim is to help heal Vets through Music.

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Here is a video of one of the songs, “Let It Go,” by Larry Reed with Frogwater, based on the experience of veteran Charlie Walton, about getting over survivor’s guilt.  You will find more videos on our website

The CD release is taking place at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee on Aug.8, from 2  to 6 pm. The musical lineup includes 10 of 14 contributing artists including:  Lisa Johnson, Vets on Frets, Jake Froelke, Kyle Rightly, Larry Reed with Frogwater, Jeff Mitchell, Aaron Baer and Paul Wisneski, Jason Moon, The Mambo Surfers, Watermelon Slim, and Elvis Thao and The Creatives.   A donation of $10 is asked for civilians.  The event is free to veterans.  Everyone receives a complimentary CD.  Find Out More (click here)

Warrior Songs recently had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Freedom Sisters Magazine

Freedom Sisters is the first and only digital magazine by and for Women Veterans.  Each month Warrior Songs in featuring a different song created by women veterans.  In return, friends and supporters can get a 10% discount on a year’s subscription at this special link.  With each subscription, Warrior Songs and Women Veterans Social Justice share in a $10 donation.  They’ve already featured Women Veteran Social Justice founder and former Warrior Songs board member BriGette McCoy.  WVSJ was recently awarded the Medal of Honor Societies 2020 Citizen Honors Community Service Award.  Click here to subscribe at a discount and save.

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