October 24, 2020 vfpvc

Dear Michael,

Last Thursday, September 24, I sat down with my dear friend, Bill Stranger, to talk about the QAnon Conspiracy Theory. That interview, along with an accompanying article by Bill, was uploaded to the heavily trafficked blog site, Medium.com just before we sent you this email. Because Medium bases the prominence of its articles upon the traffic they get soon after being uploaded, I ask that you visit the page right away. And of course, the more people with whom you share this link and ask to do the same thing, the more prominently this important interview will be featured.
We must all do our best to counter the disinformation contained in the QAnon conspiracy theory. I’m sure that by now you’re familiar with this viral social media phenomenon, which — along with the president’s coronavirus diagnosis and so many other things — threatens to upend the upcoming election. QAnon has escaped its birthplace in the far (alt) right of the political spectrum and is now rapidly spreading throughout America and Western Europe. More than 20 lawmakers on the ballot nationwide have expressed various levels of belief. Most surprisingly, it is gaining huge traction in what you would have thought were unlikely constituencies — spiritual seekers and people in the wellness communities. 
QAnon’s lurid, preposterous claims about horrific crimes against children being committed by leaders of the Democratic Party, Hollywood liberals, and billionaire philanthropists seem to trigger something deep in the human psyche that many people are unprepared to handle. It is possible that you already have family and friends who have succumbed to it.
With ever more of Donald Trump’s supporters showing up at his political rallies holding signs proclaiming this conspiracy, the QAnon phenomenon has recently become the subject of concerned articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the UK Guardian, the Atlantic, and the New Yorker magazines.

For that reason, even if you do not have time at this moment to watch the interview or read the accompanying article, I ask that you click through to it now — and please also share it with your own networks. We cannot afford to take anything for granted in the upcoming election, and this communication very well could help preserve our planet, human and indigenous rights, and access to quality, affordable healthcare — issues that are so important to us all.

Thank you, as always, for standing with us!

Daniel Sheehan
Romero Institute President and Chief Counsel

The Romero Institute

210 High St, Second Floor
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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