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Keynote Speaker: Ruth Aloua (Loke)
Ruth (Loke) was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Veterans For Peace convention.
Ruth Aloua is a Kanaka Maoli from the Kona District. Her grandmother’s lineage binds her to the island Hawai’i and her grandfathers to Maui. She is a mahi’ai (farmer) and a kia’i loko (fishpond guardian) whose work extends to the peaks of Mauna a Wākea to the plains of Pōhakuloa into the deepest depths of the ocean to the realm of Kanaloa. She is an advocate for peace and justice fostering nonviolent interaction between people, land, water, ocean and air. 
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Opening Plenary: Deb Abrahamson
Deb Abrahamson is the founder and director of SHAWL- Sovereignty, Health, Air, Water and Land.  She spoke at the Veterans For Peace 2019 Convention about the poisoning and destruction of indigenous lands and people.
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Friday Night event: Brittany DeBarros
Friday night the convention hosted an evening of Resistance, Resilience and Reggae.  Brittany was one of the main speakers of the event before the evening of music!
See Brittany’s speech

Photo Essay by Mike James
“Attending the Veterans For Peace national convention in Spokane WA was a bit of homecoming for me. I felt as though I had found my tribe. I met dozens of people who have repeatedly put it all on the line to organize, agitate and resist the inherently evil American Industrial Military Complex. At the same time I was happy to be able to witness first hand the internal struggles of the organization and meet face to face my brothers and sisters in peace who strive to hold the imperialists feet to the fire.”
 See Mike’s amazing photos!

Farewell to VFP Executive Director Michael McPhearson
The Saturday evening banquet featured a good-bye tribute to Michael McPhearson for his years of tireless service to the organization.  Michael also received the Gandhian Nonviolence Award
Watch the video tribute and see his acceptance of his award.

The Initiative to Clean up Unexploded Bombs in Vietnam
As part of the wonderful exhibit, Waging Peace, VFP member Chuck Searcy of Project RENEW describes the major success and strides in making Vietnam safe from the devices of death dropped on the country by the United States.
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VFP-ROCK: “Rise For Henoko”
Veterans for Peace Ryukyu Okinawa Chapter Kokusai (VFP-ROCK) gives an update on their most recent efforts to protect Henoko.
Visit riseforhenoko.com for more information.
See the update!

Report on SOVA Activities at the VFP 34th Annual Convention
A number of members of the Save Our VA campaign attended the VFP Convention in Spokane last week and wrote an action report, which included a workshop, a meeting and a great action.
Read their report! 

Deported Veterans Issues & Advocacy Project Workshop
Deported Veterans Issues & Advocacy Project workshop covered legislative initiatives, legislative outreach team building, unified lobbying, and fundraising.
“It was a real honor to have been chosen to represent deported veterans in Tijuana.  I had a wonderful experience and felt the convention itself went well and was very productive.  I was able to reach many VFP members in regards to our cause in our Tijuana Chapter #182.  Thank you again to all for the warm welcome and extraordinary efforts to make my stay comfortable” -Lupita Ciprian, Tijuana Chapter
See the Workshop

VFP Business Meeting
Check out the President’s message, the discussion of resolutions and board nominations!  (Look for a follow up email in the coming weeks with the final listings of all Ballot information and more from the Business meeting)
Check out all the videos from the Business Meeting

VFP At Fairchild AirForce Base
“US Air Force refueling tankers from Fairchild Air Base, Spokane, Washington refuel Saudi Arabia bombers that kill people in Yemen! Good reason for our Vets For Peace protest at the Air Base!!!” – Ann Wright
 See the protest!

Arlington North West
Dave Dittemore and George Taylor, VFP34 Tacoma, brought the Arlington Northwest display of 1500 grave markers that visibly demonstrate the cost of war. The memorial could be seen from mulitple spaces in Spokane!
View the closing ceremony

Poetry Soiree
Every VFP Convention holds a Poetry Reading for veteran poets to read aloud one of their poems. John Spitzberg hosted this event at the 2019 VFP National Convention in Spokane, Washington. 
See the amazing poets

A Great Closing!
Spectrum Singers is an all-inclusive and intergenerational SATB chorus based out of Spokane, Washington. They performed at the Sunday Closing Plenary of the VFP 2019 National Convention. Hear the Spectrum Singers!

The Closing Ceremony also featured a conversation between Executive Director Garett Reppenhagen and Outgoing E.D. Michael McPhearson.  Check it out!

October 5-6, 2019 – “No War 2019: Pathways to Peace,” World Beyond War conference, Limerick, Ireland

October 5-12 – Keep Space for Peace Week of Actions

November 11 – Armistice Day

November 15-17 – School of Americas Watch in Fort Benning, GA

For more calendar events, check out our website!

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