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Show Support for Bradley Manning
Saturday, June 1
12 noon to 4 pm
People’s Park, Ventura
(s. side of Main Street, between Palm & Oak)

Join Veterans for Peace, Ventura County and Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions in getting updated and supporting whistle-blower and truth teller, Bradley Manning, whose court martial is scheduled to begin Monday, June 3.

“If you had free reign over classified networks… and you saw incredible things, awful things … things that belonged in the pubic domain, and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC … what would you do?”

“God knows what happens now. Hopefully worldwide discussion, debates and reforms … I want people to see the truth …because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”


International Call to Action
June 1st will mark the beginning of Bradley Manning’s fourth year in prison and the start of his trial.

Fort Meade June 1: Can’t make it to Fort Meade on Sat., June 1st? Help sponsor travel for others — each $20 will cover a bus ticket for someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come Please note “Bus Sponsor” in the comments field when making your tax-deductible donation.


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An appeal from Daniel Ellsberg:


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