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About Veterans Day — Iraq Veterans Against the War

This day isn’t one our community takes pride in. We have always cringed at the “Thank you for your service” platitudes we are offered. Thanking us assumes that our service and support of the occupations is something to be grateful for, and it shuts off any chance for dialogue about the atrocities of wars. We refuse to forget what we took part in and we will not stop in working to end these wars of choice, wars of greed, wars manufactured by people who don’t bear their burdens.

Our community of veterans is marking this day a bit differently than most. Today, we are launching our #DropTheMIC (military industrial complex) campaign.

Drop the MIC is focused on highlighting how U.S. militarism affects everyone’s lives- those living abroad facing the brunt of U.S. forces and weapons and those living here, facing over militarized police.
The same companies that provide weapons to Saudi Arabia and militias in Syria are equipping police departments with armored vehicles. U.S. militarism shows up in the recruiters in our schools, the surveillance aircraft monitoring our protests and the Pentagon sponsored ‘Salute our Veterans’ spectacles at sports arenas
across the country. It is immersed in our lives and we are committed to working to make the invisible seen and to put it to an end.

Today we ask for your support in two ways:
1.) Share the countless ways U.S. militarism shows up in your daily life. Post a picture on social media of the many ways militarism shows up in your community and use the hashtag #DropTheMIC (military industrial complex).

By using the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, others will be able to search for like minded posts and see each way militarism shows up in communities across the country. If you don’t have a picture feel free to post a relevant article or video with the same hashtag. The goal is to have our friends and family thinking about how widespread U.S. militarism is here at home and abroad.

2.) Contribute to our ongoing Indiegogo campaign to fund our new
work areas. We are only $5,000 away from reaching our goal! It makes a big difference for our continued organizing and putting this work into the world.  On a day that often feels more focused on hiding the wounds of war and ignoring the reasons we have so many veterans, we appreciate the fact that you are by our side in this struggle.
In Solidarity,
Matt Howard
Iraq Veterans Against the War


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