July 20, 2016 vfpvc

We were in the studio this past Saturday with 40 strong singers recording the chorus (four VFP chapters were represented), they sound fabulous.We are excited about where we are with our “Extremists for
Peace” Music Video Project. Please click on the link above and take a listen to the song. This is not the final version but is very close. We are still doing some minor mixing improvement tweaks. Eric the engineer is on vacation so the final mix will not be finished until this coming weekend. This version is very close and we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to hear what we have so far.

I am very grateful for everyone who has donated to the project. We are getting close to reaching our fundraising goal, under $2,000.00 to go. If your chapter or you have not made a personal donation and have been considering doing so, now would be a good time to support the project.

We would love to put the fundraising behind us and focus on the music video. This is exciting and we hope you will be listed in the credits as a supporter. The music video will have it official debut at the VFP National Convention in Berkley this August.

Chapters in different regions of the country will be participating in the actual music video. Every
chapter can participate. If your chapter would like to participate and be listed in the credits at the end of the
video with all the other chapters and individual contributors please do three simple things.

  1. make a small donation to the project. We are hoping chapters will donate between $50.00 and $100.00. If that is not possible any amount will be appreciated and get you listed in the credits.
  2. Send me a copy of a photo of your chapter carrying your chapter banner, with flags, VFP clothing etc. These pictures will be part of a collage of chapter photos at the end of the music video. The more younger vets in the picture the better.
  3. Send this out to your members and maybe they too will make a small personal donation in support of the project.

My email address is: patscanlonmusic@yahoo.com
Thanks for all your help and support.

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