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New Documentary, War Lies, Wants to Interview Veterans at 2013 VFP National Convention in WI

I have read and viewed much in the last few years about how war ravages its combatants (and civilian victims) long after they have quit the battlefield. The writings of Chris Hedges, Kathleen Barry, David Swanson, Lawrence LeShan, and Nick Turse, among others, inform and inflame a growing body of concerned, critical, and patriotic citizens. Texts are somewhat limited in their ability to express the range of a veteran’s first-person indignation or repressed emotions or to elicit the reticent doubts and insights of many veterans about their war experiences.

I am looking to “interview” 12-15 veterans with diverse war experiences and social and political backgrounds who would talk, confide, or thunder into the camera.  I am also interested in hearing from veterans’ survivors and caregivers who would share their deep experiences and insights.  No related topic, event, official or institution is proscribed.  The resulting documentary mosaic would writhe with raw, personal testaments of and against war and its profiteers, political hucksters, engineers and intellectuals.

This independently produced project would respect and promote VFP’s 5 point Statement of Purpose.

Filming would occur in a hotel about ten minutes walk from the Madison Concourse Hotel, and I estimate a session would take about 90 minutes–and the beer will be cold.

If you are interested in participating, please reply by email indicating your interest and perspective. We can set up a mutually convenient time to talk.

Thank you, VFP member, for your consideration.



Chris Rutherford
VFP Associate Member

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