August 5, 2015 vfpvc

FINALLY A VOICE: The Birth of the Vietnam Veterans of America is just
about finished. Seems hard to believe after 32 years. All
that’s left is titling and DVD authoring. The first
semi-public showing of the film will be at the next VVA
convention in Springfield, IL on July 24th. The completion
of the film has largely been funded by a consortium  of
Vietnam veteran foundations that pooled their resources.  I
started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to pay off the
remaining bills and have sufficient funds to pay for
festival entry fees, boring stuff such as errors and
omission insurance that broadcasters demand, and few other
miscellaneous items. I thought perhaps VFP members would
like to know about the film. If you can, I would appreciate
it if you would send the campaign link to anyone you think
might be interested.

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