May 12, 2013 vfpvc

Dear Friends,

I recently had the honor of speaking about Bradley Manning and Kimberly Rivera at the Forum on Torture, Human Rights and Civil Liberties during the People’s Response to the Bush “Liebury” events in Dallas, Texas.


My talk, available on YouTube below, includes extensive passages from Bradley Manning’s recent statement to the court and to the world, and also the words of war resister and mother-of-four Kimberly Rivera, on the eve of her court martial for going AWOL from the Iraq War.  Kimberly was subsequently convicted of desertion and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

Please feel free to use this 30-minute video for building support for Bradley Manning, Kimberly Rivera and all war resisters and whistle-blowers!

Wage Peace!


Board of Directors Veterans For Peace

Steering Committee  Bradley Manning Support Network


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