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You don’t have to go! Getting out of the Delayed Entry Program is easy.

What is the Delayed Entry Program?

Most people who enlist are signed up into the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), which is also called the Delayed Enlistment Program, for up to a year before they report for active duty training. The Delayed Entry Program is particularly attractive to high school seniors who are unsure about what to do after graduation. A lot can happen in a year (especially for teenagers!), and many young people change their minds about what they want to do with their lives.

How does someone get out of the Delayed Entry Program?

While Delayed Entry Program recruits have incurred a legal obligation to the military, getting out of the Delayed Entry Program is simple: write a letter addressed to “Commander” at the recruiting station where the recruit signed up requesting separation that fully explains why the recruit is unable or unwilling to serve. If there is more than one reason, explain them all.

What kinds of reasons are acceptable?

While the military defines specific separation categories, as long as the recruit states clearly that he or she is no longer interested in serving in the military almost any reason is acceptable. Despite occasional threats of involuntary activation from recruiters the military currently releases all Delayed Entry Program recruits who request a separation.

The military’s list of discharge categories includes: conscientious objection (a belief that it is wrong to take part in war); pursuit of higher education or vocational training; civilian job opportunity; erroneous enlistment or recruiting error; failure to graduate high school; family issues (marriage, children, hardship or dependency); homosexual conduct; medical or psychological disqualifications; personal problems; failure to report for active duty; and, a catch-all “other”.


Further Inquiries Can be Made at:

Veterans for Peace
P. O. Box 508
Oxnard, CA 93032-0508


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