August 7, 2018 vfpvc

Sunday, August 12th 12-4 PM
CSU Channel Islands, El Dorado Hall
Map / Location:!m/189832

I would like to let you all know about an event held by a Ventura County group – Educators Doing Justice.  We will be screening Harvest of Empire, a documentary about the US’s interventions in Latin America, followed by a discussion of the documentary.  We will also be looking at AB 699, which requires school districts to have a contingency plan if they are approached by ICE, and giving information about how to support the undocumented and immigrant community in our schools. In light of the migrant crisis and all that is happening at the Southern Border, we feel that it is important to educate ourselves and the community about how the US economic and political interventions has caused the instability forcing many people in Central America and Mexico to flee for their lives.  

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