October 21, 2017 vfpvc

On October 20, 2017 the Oxnard Film Society, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, will be opening an exhibition entitled, We Remember – Ventura County to Vietnam and Back in downtown Oxnard.  

This multimedia exhibit tells the story of local Ventura County Vietnam Veterans experiences in the Vietnam War through photos and text, video interviews and documentaries.  The presentation also includes a brief history of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh, an overview of U.S. foreign diplomacy from FDR to Nixon, the Draft, the Tet Offensive, Anti-War Movement and concludes with a Memorial Wall.

The mission of the exhibit is to thank local Vietnam Veterans for their service, to honor the veterans who died in the war and to provide a better understanding of the Vietnam War to students in high school and college and to the community of Oxnard and Ventura County.
LOCATION: 327 West 5th Street, Oxnard CA  93030 (Former Social Security Building)

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