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My name is Chrissy Burr from Splash Entertainment Group, and we are working on developing a television show about U.S. veterans.  We want
to interview several vets who have served in any war.  Initially we would like to have about 15 veterans between 22-35 years old but our
show will not be focused on any particular age group or any particular war.  We need eloquent volunteers who would feel comfortable speaking
on camera.

Each episode of our series would show 2-3 veterans, telling their personal stories of bravery, loss, fear or camaraderie.  We are
looking for peak emotional experiences.  We want to give veterans a voice to be able to share their stories with a national audience and
we want to promote a broader understanding of the obstacles that our veterans have faced in the service and as they return home. Please
note that we do not represent any political slant or any position on war or serving in the military.  We are only interested in providing a
platform for veterans who want to share their most heartfelt experiences to help our audiences gain a deeper understanding of what
our service men and woman have faced.

We will provide money to cover transportation as well as $50 to anyone we interview.  If our show is picked up and a veteran we have
interviewed appears in an episode there will also be compensation. If anyone is interested, please contact me at Burr1016@gmail.com or
207-751-5036. Thank you very much for your time.

Chrissy Burr
Freelance Editorial Assistant
Worth Publishers

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