January 25, 2018 vfpvc



I assume you all know the VA healthcare system is being massively privatized.  Today 40% or more of all vets going to the VA for outpatient care are now funneled into the Choice and Community Options programs (per VA records).  We do not know how well those vets like private care.  We do know that the VA
was to report to the Congress and public last summer after they surveyed vets on that issue.  They knew this had to be done for 3 years.  VA management refused to
conduct the survey and now they tell us it will be done in mid or late 2018 before the survey is completed and reported out.

By that time, possibly, 45% of all outpatient vets may have been pushed into the private sector.

This is the same trick Mr. Bush and the boys used on Medicare in 2004.  If you are an old guy like me, you know about the Medicare Advantage (MA) program.  This is
privatization of traditional single payer Medicare.  They plopped the insurance companies between you and your healthcare.  MA costs the feds about 20% MORE than traditional Medicare.  Because of this additional 20% cost which is tens of billions per year, the Medicare Trust Fund will run short of money faster and then the Republicans will call for canning the whole Medicare system.

With the Choice program which costs about 30% more than VA provided care in VA facilities, they want to run the VA out of money and then close down the VA completely and contract out all VA now done by civil service staff plus bust the

Vets who use VA hospitals and clinics for their care are satisfied with their care, want to continue to go to the VA and want the VA fixed and funded.

PETITION: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/we-oppose-va-healthcare-privatization

The VFP Working Group Stop VA Privatization, Fix, Fund & Fully Staff the VA was formed about 8 months ago to STOP THE PRIVATIZATION. http://www.veteransforpeace.org/take-action/stop-privatization-veterans-health-administration/

There are 13 or so Save Our VA Action Teams forming across the US.  YOU need to form one in your community.  YOU can start this by clicking on this survey link to read about Action Teams and sign up. http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MTF76TP

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