January 24, 2014 vfpvc

Fr:  Buzz Davis, member, Veterans for Peace

Oh, where are the great legislative protectors of our armed forces when you need them?

All those talkative senators and reps don’t want to talk about what happened after the earthquake in Japan near the nuclear power plants.  That would remind people of all our US nuclear power plants sitting on lakes, river and oceans in the US.

And now we have hundreds or thousands of sick military personnel who were ordered by commanders to move in and help the stricken people of Fukushima.

Truman bombed the two Japanese cities at the end of WWII after many top military commanders thought the Japanese were already defeated.  The atomic bombing of those cities was unnecessary.  The US effort to produce atomic weapons, which may destroy civilization on this planet yet, has unleashed upon us potential destructive forces we have shown we are not smart enough to handle.

Long ago I was training to be an infantry officer during the Vietnam war and we have a field exercise on nuclear weapons.  I asked how can we protect our people if such bombs go off.  The sergeant said have your men hide under their rain ponchos.  We all laughed we thought he was kidding.  He was serious.  I thought we are all dead meat.

The poncho will protect the bare skin from flash burns but nothing else.

Read the story below and you will be shocked.

I bet a dollar that trained officers and enlisted men and women said “we shouldn’t send our ships in to help or all will be contaminated.”  But in the ships went.  What would you have ordered if you were the ship commander or President Obama?



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