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Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans 

Obama’s Big Gamble 

Going from a retired four-star general of the Army to a retired CEO of Proctor & Gamble indicates that President Obama is rolling the dice again with another has-been of unrelated talent to run the VA.

The President should’ve nominated a currently employed and successful CEO and Administrator of a major hospital like the Mayo Clinic, etc.

More importantly, it isn’t who the President appoints at the top that will make a difference at the VA, but who is terminated at the second-level of bureaucrats who have seriously contaminated Veteran care and service that was entrusted to them on behalf of We the People.

The Los Angeles VA will immediately change for the better with the prompt firing of Donna Beiter and her fellow corrupt bureaucrats along with the immediate eviction all nine illegal occupants on these sacred grounds.

Operating the Los Angeles VA as a monument of gratitude to the men and women who defend our nation instead of turning it into a public amusement and entertainment center for political cronies will also cause immediate change for the greater good of America’s Veterans who need quality care and housing.

It’s time to bet on Truth and Justice instead of corruption and cronyism.

Corruption and Cronyism Surround the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs



God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

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