February 17, 2014 vfpvc

As you are aware, last year all veterans’ organizations I represent, including yours, supported AB 639 by Speaker John Pérez from Los Angeles.

This bill required that $600 million of existing CalVet bonding authority be used to build multifamily permanent supportive housing for disabled veterans to be built near existing VA facilities or California State Veterans Homes.

This measure does not interfere with or change the current CalVet Home Loan program for single family homes or farms.  It adds to the existing program.

This program is now on the June ballot as Proposition 41.  The sponsors are asking all veterans groups that supported AB 639 to sign the attached form allowing your organization to be listed in support.

FYI – it is 100% legal for non-profit veterans groups to sign on in support of propositions on the ballot.

You will recall your organization supported Proposition 36 in 2012.  Prop. 36 was to allow military personnel to continue to get long-term auto insurance discount when they were deployed overseas. Unfortunately it failed.

Please review the enclosed form and have the Commander and/or the Adjutant sign the form.
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Time is short; the election is in four months. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been appointed as a member to the Coalition for Veterans Executive Board as an unpaid volunteer.


Pete Conaty



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